About Us

Live a happier and healthier life! Live the Unchained Life!

Welcome to Guided Gorilla!

With our world being ever-changing, fast-paced, and always expanding, it is becoming harder and harder to achieve health and happiness. The constant hustle and bustle of the modern world sometimes overshadows the more important things in life.

Guided Gorilla is passionate about giving you the tools to be healthy, fit, and most importantly, HAPPY!

Guided Gorilla provides fresh, new looks of the highest quality! We go BANANAS when we make our customers satisfied! Whether you are focusing on an adventure abroad or just styling up your everyday wardrobe at home, Guided Gorilla has you covered!

We have curated fresh and stylish fashion of the highest quality at wholesale prices. We promise to give you the lowest price possible and free shipping on every order!

Check out the Guided Gorilla blog for fitness and lifestyle tips to guide you to a happier and healthier life!